Meet our Executive Team!

We are a variety of majors, colleges, and school year undergraduate students who work together to run the Thomas Lay After School Program. Please let us know if you would like to volunteer, have any ideas for the program, or just general questions!

4th-Year Economics and Political Science Major

I work with Taylor as a Co-Director of the After-School Program and we are ultimately in charge of the day to day operations at Thomas Lay.

My favorite TLay memory is learning how baseball works soley through playing kickball with the kids.

Feel free to contact me with any general or specific questions about the program! Email:

Susan Murley

Co-Executive Director

4th Year- Biology Major Hi! I'm Taylor, Feel free to contact Susan and me with any questions about the program! My favorite part of Thomas Lay is Science Club. Email:
Taylor Pigg

Co-Executive Director

4th-Year Cognitive Science and Psychology Major | Sociology and Studio Art Minors Hey guys! Send me your photos of the kids to get featured on our social accounts, and contact me if you would like representatives from Thomas Lay to be involved in your community event. My favorite memory from Thomas Lay was my very first day as a walk-in mentor. I got placed with a student who had to write two compound sentences for her homework. She instead decided to dramatically roll on the ground screaming and kicking her shoes off instead even though I pretty much read her paragraph for her and made the sentences. I can't believe I came back but now I've been on the executive board for around 2 years. Email:
Teresa Napolitano

Public Relations Coordinator

Contact me if you have questions about becoming a volunteer! Email:
Katlyn Smaha

Volunteer Coordinator

3rd Year- Chemistry and Spanish Majors Hi, I'm Constance! Email me if your organization wants to do a kid-friendly Friday activity. They love learning what UGA has to offer. My favorite part of Tlay is playing in the gym with the kids- specifically playing tag! Email:
Constance Sullivan

Co-Friday Project Coordinator

4th Year- Political Science & Criminal Justice Majors The kids love learning and exploring what UGA has to offer. Email us with any outside organiztions that would love demonstrating a kid-friendly friday activity! My favorite Tlay activity is our annual haunted house where we get to scare the kids, in honor of Halloween. I'm also involved in Delta SIgnma Theta and SPIA Ambassadors! Email:
Caylin Bennett

Co-Friday Project Coordinator

4th Year- Biology Major Hey, I'm Sarah!  Email me if you have questions about volunteering with our middle schoolers. My favorite thing about Thomas Lay is playing four square with the kids even though they try to get me out every time. Email:
Sarah Hall

Middle School Coordinator

3rd-Year Elementary Education Major Hello, my name is Sarah and I am in charge of coming up with reading and education programs for our students in addition to finding the best way to help further their learning. I love the holiday party we have each year and watching the kids get so excited about their gifts. Email me at with questions and suggestions about Thomas Lay's mission for education!
Sarah Tallman

1st - 3rd Education Coordinator

2nd Year- Public Relations Major Hi, I'm Ashley! Contact me with questions and suggestions about Thomas Lay's mission for education. My favorite part of TLay is getting beaten at basketball weekly Email:
Ashley Childers

4th and 5th Grade Education Coordinator

3rd Year- Genetics Majors | Women's Studies Minor Hi, I'm V! I am in charge of coordinating our daily clubs and events throughout the semester. I love dances/performances the kids coordinate and perform for us! Contact me with if you are interested in leading or have questions about Thomas Lay's clubs! Email:
Vienna Elmgreen

Co-Clubs and Activities Coordinator

3rd Year- Mathematics and Biology Majors Hi, I'm Tenacity! I work with V to coordinate our daily clubs and events throughout the semester. Let us know if your club or organization wants to help lead a club or event with us. I love playing four square with the kids and seeing how competitive they get :) Email:
Tenacity Murdie

Co-Clubs and Activities Coordinator